quantilope acquires Plotto and announces the launch of inColor for automated qualitative market research
September 15, 2021

​​We are thrilled to announce that Plotto has been acquired by the Insights Automation company quantilope. As a leader in automated quantitative research, quantilope is an ideal partner to continue Plotto's story and create a marriage of qual and quant solutions for customers across all categories.

What’s the future for qualitative research in a post-pandemic world?
June 25, 2021

What does the pandemic mean for an industry that has traditionally relied on meeting people face to face? How do we make sure we still get the insights that come from really connecting with people?

The importance of research as society reopens
April 22, 2021

As COVID-19 restrictions ease, it’s vital to keep your finger on the pulse of your audience’s behaviour and attitudes, helping inform the way you should communicate and tailor your offer. And the best way to understand those all-important emotions at this emotion-charged time is by hearing and watching people talk about how they feel.

A Taste of the Future: Technology Trends for 2021 and Beyond
February 16, 2021

Based on what was on show at CES 2021, the next few years promise to be an era of huge growth for technology shaped around our pandemic and post-pandemic needs. We’ll see the development of Artificial Intelligence, Extended Reality and Robotics – all supported by a major trend in itself, 5G networking. The main trends we are seeing fit into four areas of our lives: Homeworking and Learning, Entertainment, Health and Travel.

Plotto platform updates
December 21, 2020

The team have been busy behind the scenes, creating new tools and making updates to improve Plotto. We're excited to announce the latest set of changes are now live.

Happy Holidays and a Happier New Year
December 21, 2020

With a round-up of 2020, we wish you a very happy and safe holiday season and here's to a better time for us all in 2021.

The immediacy and intimacy of video
November 26, 2020

Our use of video has changed drastically in the last twenty years. Its power lies in its ability to communicate events from a subjective point of view - so it's not uncommon for us to be able to experience multiple subjective views.

Make customer feedback work for your business
October 6, 2020

Customer feedback is at the heart of any business that is serious about keeping customers happy and attracting new ones. Knowing how customers react and tapping into ideas they have for new or existing products and services hands a huge amount of power to those involved in all areas of business strategy.

Plotto just got even better!
August 20, 2020

We are excited to announce two major changes: the inclusion of multiple video questions within one survey and the ability for respondents to use Plotto offline.

About Face: Video calling brings us closer together
May 27, 2020

Over the past few weeks, all across the globe, co-workers and clients have been getting fascinating glimpses into each others’ homes. Seeing people’s surroundings might give us unexpected insights into what they’re like as a person.

Video calling booms in Lockdown
April 30, 2020

Starved of face-to-face social contact in these lockdown times, we have quickly turned to video as our favoured form of communication. And this has some surprising benefits for some people.

Research in the era of COVID-19
March 31, 2020

Well, the world looks a bit different since we last posted a blog. We do hope you are all keeping safe and well. Work-life has changed for many of us, and you might not be thinking about commissioning or conducting research right now. But even if you’ve put the brakes on for the time being, research will become vital over the coming weeks and months.