Case study

Case study: Video reaps rewards in agriculture

When you think of video surveys, you’d be forgiven for thinking the camera is always pointed at a human being. But our clients have found other innovative uses for the Plotto video platform: monitoring seed production, flower production and vineyards.
April 22, 2021

When you think of video surveys, you’d be forgiven for thinking the camera is always pointed at a human being. But one of our clients has found an innovative use for video: monitoring seed production.

The company breeds vegetables to produce seeds that are sold all over the world. It is therefore crucial that the plants they grow are the highest quality possible: they look attractive, with a good colour, size and shape, and their taste and texture are second to none. They also need to ensure a high crop yield, that what they grow is resistant to disease, and that the vegetables are growing at the desired rate. All of this requires scrupulous inspection and monitoring throughout the growing process.

The company has hundreds of partners growing their vegetables, so they needed an inspection solution that offered consistency of approach, a high standard of monitoring and ease of reporting back to headquarters. With partners geographically spread, it was important that data could be captured easily, sent to headquarters efficiently, and was easy to interpret. Ideally, analysts would see the seeds and plants for themselves – which, with the video solution we devised, they did.

The idea was trialled with partners before it was rolled out more widely. One of the initial stumbling blocks was that farmers in remote locations did not have the Internet connection required to capture a large amount of data online. This is where Plotto stepped in, enabling them to capture videos offline instead. Videos and pictures of the plants in different stages could then be taken, demonstrating how they were developing over time.

The same technology is also used in vineyards and by flower producers, again recording video footage of plants to observe how they grow and to ensure high quality is maintained.

The great news for anyone who faces issues with online video recording is that Plotto will soon be offering offline video capture as standard, so nowhere in the world will be a no-go area so long as there’s a mobile phone or tablet to hand.

The growth of video monitoring has meant the more successful growth of crops. Hopefully this great success story will mean the use of video will soon be blossoming in other industries too.