Plotto just got even better!

We are excited to announce two major changes: the inclusion of multiple video questions within one survey and the ability for respondents to use Plotto offline.
April 22, 2021

‘It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.’ So said acclaimed basketball coach John Wooden, and he knew a thing or two about success. At Plotto we believe the same; we want to make big things happen for our clients, and this is why for the past few weeks we’ve been working on the little details on our platform that will collectively bring you even richer insights from your online video surveys as well as make them easier to run.


We listened to what our customers wanted and, as a result, we are excited to announce we can now bring you two major changes: the inclusion of multiple video questions within one survey and the ability for respondents to use Plotto offline.

Multiple Video Questions

 It’s what many of you have been waiting for: now you can include more than one video question per survey.


When you log in to create a survey, things will look a little different. You’ll be asked to include the survey title upfront, and then on the ‘Record’ page, you will see that you can now create as many video questions as you like by clicking on the ‘AddV-Question’ button.

Once you have all your video questions ready, ordering them is super easy: all you have to do on the next page (‘Write’) is drag and drop each question into the order in which you want them to appear.


Video responses can then be filtered within ‘Results’ according to the questions that relate to them.

We’ve made other improvements to the response process too, including automatic translation into other languages depending on the respondent’s location, checks to optimize audio quality and a three-second countdown before recording starts.


Offline Mode as Default 

A gamechanger for ease of response, our new default Offline Mode means that respondents no longer have to wait for a decent internet connection before they record and upload videos. In fact they don’t need an internet connection at all. Whether the connection is patchy or non-existent, recorded videos are stored and then uploaded gradually when connection allows. Even if the respondent switches to a different app or tab, uploads continue in the background – so you can be sure that all video clips made will be captured and stored.

N.B. If a browser doesn’t support offline mode (e.g. Safari on mobile), the browser will switch automatically to online mode, which will require good connectivity for videos to be uploaded.

You might notice a few other little tweaks we’ve made to make the whole experience smoother and we’ll be making more improvements over the coming months depending on what our clients would like to see.

We hope you enjoy exploring our new platform – and don’t forget to let us know what you think!