Plotto platform updates

The team have been busy behind the scenes, creating new tools and making updates to improve Plotto. We're excited to announce the latest set of changes are now live.
April 22, 2021

We are excited to announce a new release that was deployed last week.

In this release we introduce the following features:

A new speech-to-text engine

Powered by Amazon, this engine enhances the accuracy of the video transcriptions. Based on all the feedback that we have received, this engine will become the default engine, supported in the Standard/Professional plans.

Word-level extraction with punctuation and number normalization

Automatic language detection is enabled with this new engine. The supported languages are:

  • Gulf Arabic (ar-AE)
  • Modern Standard Arabic (ar-SA)
  • Mandarin Chinese - Mainland (zh-CN)
  • Dutch (nl-NL)
  • Australian English (en-AU)
  • British English (en-GB)
  • Indian English (en-IN)
  • Irish English (en-IE)
  • Scottish English (en-AB)
  • US English (en-US)
  • Welsh English (en-WL)
  • Spanish (es-ES)
  • US Spanish (es-US)
  • French (fr-FR)
  • Canadian French (fr-CA)
  • Farsi (fa-IR)
  • German (de-DE)
  • Swiss German (de-CH)
  • Hebrew (he-IL)
  • Indian Hindi (hi-IN)
  • Indonesian (id-ID)
  • Italian (it-IT)
  • Japanese (ja-JP)
  • Korean (ko-KR)
  • Malay (ms-MY)
  • Portuguese (pt-PT)
  • Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR)
  • Russian (ru-RU)
  • Tamil (ta-IN)
  • Telugu (te-IN)
  • Turkish (tr-TR)

As part of the Enterprise plan, at an additional cost, the following features can be added:

  • Additional engines.
  • Custom language models that can be trained for specific use cases, as well as custom vocabularies.
  • Transcribe Medical Engine which is a service compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

Emotions Flag

In Account/Project Settings there is a flag (on/off) that allows you to remove the ‘neutral’ emotion to force a recalculation of the next dominant emotion, which will also be displayed in the View Results/ Filters.

Other improvements

  • Small UI improvements and warning messages have been added for a smoother experience when defining a survey.
  • Additional bug fixes.

Coming next

  • Improved engines for the extraction of the keywords and a more accurate analysis of sentiments and emotions.
  • New visualisation options for video responses and emotions.